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Success Stories

Hi Cara, you can take me and Lisa off your list now we are just newly engaged as of last Friday....Thanks for setting us up :) CC
Hi Cara, I just wanted to send you a short email to say how much I enjoyed your event. It was a lot of fun, the people were nice and interesting and the venue was great. You were also a fantastic host that made it fun and relaxed. G
- Gord
After meeting a man at one of your events in November, I am off the market! We enjoyed a great holiday together and we are still going strong! Thanks so much for hosting an event! We would have never met otherwise!
- KL & JT
Hi, Just thought I would drop you a line and let you know that I met my fiance at Six Minute Dates, here in Calgary, in May 2004. It was Darryl's first attempt at Speed Dating, but I was an old pro. We have been together ever since you helped us connect, and we are getting married on October 6 in Canmore. Our wedding invitation actually says at the top 'Six Minutes' can change your life. We can not thank you enough for bringing us together, and I sing the praises of Six Minute Dates to single people often. Thanks again,
- Rebecca Stetz & Darryl Smith
Dear Cara, I think you can remove me from your mailing list. My one time adventure with Six Minute Dates was a success! The guy I met, Rob VanStaden, will be my soon Husband as we are getting married this July. Thanks for the opportunity!
- Niki Plourde
Dear Cara, I cannot thank you enough for your services. I only went to your function once but that is all that was needed! On Valentines Day the man of my life proposed to me on the beach. We met 2 years ago at Zodiak coffee house, first guy that sat down :) So I am now officially off the to follow next another success story for you. Thanks again,
- RM
Hi Cara, I actually met someone at your event a year and a bit ago, and we have moved in together! Funny how things work you remember that I kept calling you trying to get into the event and then afterwards I was called out of town and had missed the timeline to respond and you forwarded e-mails to my two matches? I just felt so strongly that I should be at that particular event... strange isn't it?! Anyway, thanks so much for your help with this and take care!
- Jo-Ann
Howdy! Gillian and I got engaged on the weekend. We are looking at a wedding date sometime in May 2008, but I'll keep you up to date. Cheers!
- Baxter
Hi Cara, Thought you'd like to know I met someone at one of your events and we have now been together for almost 2 years. Thanks again,
- SK
Just like to let you know I no longer need to be on your distribution list. Count us as another Six Minute Dates success! Neil and I met at a Feb.10 2005 evening arranged by Six Minute Dates and recently got engaged. Thanks for the introduction!
- Amanda & Neil
Cara, I wrote a month and a half or so ago to update you on my relationship that happened because of your company. Well I am writing again to you with another update. I know that you are happy to hear about a match made because of your company, but also a little sad as now we are no longer in need of your company. Because of my success and your wonderfully run company I tell everyone how I met my boy and that they should try your company. On July 20, I met Guy at the Bean Scene and it was great! We both chose one another and than emails were missed but things were figured out and we started dating on July 30. Since August we have been apart for maybe 5 nights in total. I am moving in with him and Guy is someone that I find myself looking into the future with. Something I have never done or never thought possible. I have never moved in with someone or declared my love for someone due to my past... but I have taken chance after chance with Guy because he makes me feel so safe and protected that my chances won't fail. Our relationship has moved along very fast, we have had a few issues which have resulted in us being closer than before, or taking one step back in order to figure things out or gain back what was once given.... but we are together, we are in love and we owe it to your company for the opportunity to meet. Can you please take me off your emailing list? Both Guy and I wish you and your company many successes as we both have our own companies, we know how tough things can be! If you ever need a painter or a printer you let us know! Thank you for the gift you helped me receive. He is a wonderful and caring man that I want to love and have in my arms from morning till dark, from today till tomorrow, from this year till next, from now until forever! Hugs to you, Best Regards, Robin
- Robin & Guy
Dear Cara, Please remove me from your list as I have been dating someone I met at one of your events . We have been dating for 6 weeks and the relationship is going exceptionally well , we are both very very happy . Take care,
- Kellie
Hi Cara, Just to let you know that Six Minute Dates does work! Wendy and I met at one of your events last November. We just got engaged, and are planning to tie the knot next year. Thank you very much for your professional and friendly service, making it a relaxed and fun experience. It took a few times, but the wait was well worth it. The ironic thing is that we both grew up in small towns in Southern Alberta, not more than 1/2 hour drive apart, yet met through Six minute Dates in Calgary. Because you've done such a great job, you have lost two customers! Fortunate for us, but unfortunate for you! Regards,
- Mike & Wendy
Hi Cara, You may remember me from when I went to an event last spring. I had e-mailed you and told you that I had matched with Ben. Well, I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that we are getting married on May 26. :) I am sending my older brother to an event, because of the success we (Ben and I) had. Thank you for introducing me to my soul mate! :) All The Best,
- Debbie
I was impressed with the event. The venue was great & you are so organized. I'll pass on the word and may even attend another session in the future.
- Jodi
Dear Cara, Thank you very much for the follow-up. I was very impressed with the venue. It was artsy and relaxed and the general atmosphere of the event was very good. Although I didn't meet my perfect match, I would definitely do it again and have recommended Six Minute Dates to my friends. You seem like a very good hearted person and I liked the fact that you used Tibetan Prayer Bells so that it didn't seem like to much of a 'Bell Ringer'(Exam). Sincerely,
- Kate Gerry
HI Cara, I just wanted to let you know that I am engaged to be married to a guy that I met a year ago at six minute dates. We are planning a wedding for next year. Thanks a lot.
- Krista and Darryl
Hi Cara, David and I have been dating ever since we met at the Apr. 19th event. So thank you again ;)
- Rebecca
Hi there!!! Just wanting to let you know that I attended one of your speed dating session back in the beginning of March 2006 and low and of my ex boyfriends from 4 years prior showed up. We have been dating again ever since and now we are getting married this summer! So, I just wanted to say thank-you!
- Allison
Hi Cara! I just wanted to give you an FYI that you can take me off the mailing list.... the event in May that I attended I met a great guy and we have been together ever since. Thanks so much for your awesome service. :)
- Debbie
Thank you Cara! I thought the evening was very well organized and very classy which makes a difference for me. I won't hesitate to recommend your service to my friends having experienced the process. I was very apprehensive but I had a great time and the conversations flowed very smoothly. Thanks again,
- BG
Cara, I am writing to tell you that I am falling in love with one of the men that I met at the Speed Dating session you held at The Bean Scene on July 20, 2006! He makes me think about things that I closed out to myself and my heart years ago due to bad relationships. But he is making me consider and throw those thoughts out the window! I have never felt like this and everyone around us is happy for us because it looks comfortable and happy. Thank you! My sister and a few friends would like to join your speed dating due to our success as it was My first time as well as his through your company. Thank you, this is what both of us have been looking for...
- RH
Cara: Thank you so much for sending me all the invitations to your events; however, I no longer need to be on your mailing list as I met a truly wonderful sexy man at the last event I attended. He is the man of my dreams. Take care and thanks again for everything......
- Laura
Hi, I met a Lady at one of your events last Oct 13, 2004. Since then we have moved in together and are looking at a new home soon. Thanks again for everything.
- EW
Hi Cara, Please happily take me off your mail list. Debbie Gautheir and I met at one of your events on September 1, 2004 and that's all it took !! We got married on August 12, 2005 ! Both of us are very thankful for your service, and all the best to you.
- Dave
Hi Cara, Happy New Year to you! I have been meaning to e-mail you to ask you to remove me from your e-mail list as I am getting married in May. Thanks to you for the fun events that I attended in the past. I met some great women and had a lot of fun! I have recommended your service to my other single friends as well. Best wishes for continued success with the business and to you personally as well. Regards,
- KY
Hi Christine: I'd be happy to talk to CBC radio on dating, and how I approached my teenage son on this. Also, I had success on my first-ever six minute date -- so far we're nearly five months into our relationship and things are going well!
- JI
Christine: Just wanted to thank you for putting on a really great speeddating event on Friday, Jan.27. I had a very nice time. You are very good at what you do. Best wishes and continued success...
- MK
Thanks Christine I did have fun and am thrilled with my matches as those were the 2 I was most interested in. So hope it goes somewhere. I will recommend to all my friends. Thanks
- SM
Hello Christine, Can you please take me off your e-mail list? I guess since Tom and I have now moved in together I will not be requiring speed dating. Thank you so much for the great night. You know a great match was made and sucessful;0)
- Colleen
Hello, I actually met a guy at my first 6MD event last April and we have been dating ever since. Thank you!
- DM
Dear Six Minute Dates, I am overjoyed to send you great news! Michael and I got married on July 8, 2005. We met over three years ago at SMD (May 2002). We knew we were the perfect match for one another on the second date and have never been apart since. Thanks for providing such a great service! In todays world, dating is pretty tough, without SMD we would still be searching for each other! We have recommended you to several people over the past few years and will obviously continue to do so.
- Lisa and Michael Smith
Thanks for the info but I'm actually dating someone from my successful 6 minute date of March 24th! Just thought you'd like to hear another success story. Thanks for providing the service.
- NG
Hi! Could you please take me off your mailing list? I met someone at one of your evenings almost 2 years ago and we are still together. Thank you so much for your wonderful idea of 6 minute dates!
- PH
Christine, Thank you so much for being sooooo great and so personable. It made me very comfortable. If I find myself needing to 'search' again, I will definitely use your service - it was a true pleasure to meet you. I have reccommended your site to several 'single' friends already and will continue to do so. Be well and take care.
- JS
Hi Christine! I just wanted to drop you a note and let you know that I have yet another success story to share with you! I met Scott Trevis at your event on March 10th, 2004. It was the first and only time I had ever been to this type of event. Scott and I hit it off immediately, we laughed through our first 6 minutes together and have not stopped since. On March 24th, Scott proposed to me while we were flying to Montreal for the Easter weekend. We are getting married next May Long (2006). Needless to say I am thrilled. Scott and I both realize we would never have met each other if it had not been for your event. So on that note, THANK YOU so much for introducing me to the love of my life and my future husband. Have a great weekend!
- Leanne Boyko
Hi Christine & Dana I actually can not make it as in 3 weeks I am getting married to a lovely Lady I met at Six minute dates. I only went once and look what happened (lol). We have been together for over two years and very happy we went! I just got lazy and have not got you to take me off you mailing list, so if you could do that. If she runs like the lady in New Mexico I will call you. (hahaha) Thanks
- Scott and Janet
Hi: Thanks for the invitation, however I am together with someone that I met at your October 2004 event. It has been almost eight months now, and we are very happy. Thanks
- NB
Hi Christine We thought we should pass along some great news to you. Gary and I met at the wine tasting at Kensington in August last year. We immediately hit it off and starting dating, enjoying each other's company more and more as we got to know each other. We soon realized that we were meant for each other and meant to be together and Gary proposed to me in December. Our wedding is June 25, 17 sleeps away (you can tell we are very excited about this). Gary and I lived about 5 minutes away from each other in the City and we both enjoy many of the same activities - I am sure we must have passed each other on the bike trails. But as a tribute to your service, we didn't meet until we attended one of your events. Thank you to everyone at Six Minute Dates for providing this great service.
- Kathy and Gary
Hello, Christine! Hoooowww are youuuu? Long time no chat, but judging by the website of Six Minutes you gals have been extremely busy, and very successful. Congratulations!!! It looks great. I just wanted to let both of you gals know that Ashley Christie and I are engaged!!! It was a couple of days short of year ago that we met, and now we are engaged. We are both in awe of how things have played out for us. We couldn?t be happier!!! We are thrilled and we both know that we have finally found one another. However, it surely wouldn?t have been without the help of Six Minute date functions. We still reminisce about that evening! We are still recommending your services to all our friends that are complaining about the lack of dating opportunities. Hahaha Thanks, again, gals!! Keep up the great work. You are doing such good for people that may have never thought they?d find happiness, love and joy with another human being. Cheers,
- Carla Yakiwchuk
Thanks! When I went to a session back in March, I met an amazing man, Darcy. We've been so happy, and strong, and we foresee that this may last a lifetime! No proposals yet as it is too early, but I couldn't be happier with anyone else. Thanks for the heads up about Thursday, but I think you can take me off your mail list now! Yippee!
- Rolyn
Another success story for you. Met at six minute date - Oct 2002 Engaged at finish line of New York Marathon Finish - Nov 2003 Married in Kananaskis - April 10, 2004 Best $$$ money we ever spent. Living happily ever after.
- Stephen
Hi Christine & Dana I do appreciate receiving all your news items. I always look with enthusiasm for whatever you are setting up and am happy to see that you seem to have gotten more men for that 40+ age group. I came there last March (45+)at Zillies Cafe and was matched with one of the 8 men and we are still together and are doing just great. Every chance I get, I speak fondly and spread the word about six minute dates. Thanx,
- HM
Hey, Christine and Dana!! Just thought I'd drop you gals a quick note to remove me and my man from any future Six Minute emails. Everything with us is going fantastic; couldn't be happier. We both know this one is in for the long haul!!!!!!! Thanks for everything, and I'm always recommending your services to my friends!!! MANY MANY thanks,
- Carla & Ashley
Dear Christine, I would like to share my success story with you. I attended one of your evening sessions nearly 11 months ago after being referred by a former client of yours. I wasn't sure what to expect but was looking for a more personal way of meeting people rather than continue with the electronic truth or dare method. I found it very interesting to talk with individuals about their interests, background, and desires and that you either got a sense of personal chemistry or not. I have to admit that six minutes was not enough in some cases and too much in others! I was however, very fortunate that night and met someone special that also though the same of me. We became engaged last Sunday high upon a mountain top.
- DJ
Dana & Christine, I just thought you guys would appreciate knowing that tomorrow is the one year anniversary of Heather & I's first date (outside of our SixMinute Date). I just wanted to say thank you so much for helping me get the opportunity to meet Heather (it has been an absolutely fabulous year), and I think both of us are looking forward to this coming year, and whatever else may be in our future. I just want you guys to know I had a blast at your events, and while a tiny part of me misses the SixMinute experience I couldn't be happier, and I wish you the best of luck and continued success with SMD Calgary and Vancouver
- Bradley Stephen White
My friend and I attended a Six Minute Dates session in September 03. I had a match and he didn't (poor him!) He went to another one a few weeks later and got a match (yeah!) It is now November 2004, and we are both still seeing the same ladies! I think the Six Minute format is very effective at letting you get a good feel for who the person is as you are sitting in front of them and can read body language facial expressions. As you are both there for the same reason, the right questions can be asked without offending, which allows you to pinpoint whether the fit is right between you. Six Minute Dates is "the" place to go if you want to find a quality companion with no games!
- Adrian Ward
Thanks for the invite, but I did meet a really great guy at the evening I went to back in January last year. We've been together ever since and we are now engaged. Thanks so much for providing us with the opportunity to meet!
- CM
Thanks Christine & Dana, but I will not be attending anymore as I have found my soulmate!!! Yup, it happened at that Singles Safari at the Zoo on Oct 2--he is the best man in the world and treats me like a is unbelievable and sometimes we are even telepathically connected. Thank you for the great service you provide and you know that I will always spread the has been tons of fun-- Take care both of you, and from one entrepreneur to another---much success!
- CZ
I have to tell you my story... I am also a very grateful customer I am a single mom with a life style that gets filled up with work and getting things done at home... I knew I needed to get out more, I wanted to meet someone wonderful, so I decided to give six minute dates a try. The first time they called, I was so nervous and felt like a loser so I backed out. Later, I decided to try it again. I went and was pleasantly surprised at the quality of people that attended. This is truly the way to go. I met a man that night, a wonderful man, and I would not have met him if I had not gone... That night was June 3 and this year we have been together for 2 years. That is its self is a success because my expectations for the first time were not to necessarily make a connection but I did. So thank you
- Lorna H
Cara, I wanted to thank you for an evening well spent. You both put on a great event and I wouldn't hesitate to tell anyone about your service. Thanks again to both of you and I might just see you again! Cheers,
- T.H.
Wow, I had such a great experience. Thanks for a great night out. Glad to hear about my matches too!!!
- LL
Thanks to you too for organizing a very comfortable and informal evening. I will let my friends know about this for sure.
- MM
Thank you for the great night. Needless to say, meeting 4 gals that would like to go out with me is certainly uplifting. I guess the planets must have been in proper alignment for me......or something! Regardless, it was lots of fun and I must say that I find Six Minutes a very civalized way of meeting people. Keep up the good work, and thanks again for a great evening. Have a super weekend!!
- RR
Hello Christine & Dana: Thank you for last evening. Your efforts in facilitating these events is greatly appreciated and I would almost venture to say it is a needed 'social service' that you are providing, given the realities of our society today--meeting like-minded people is such a difficult thing to do! I had terrific fun and I hope that I can continue to attend these events, so I'll anxiously keep on the look out for the next one too! Again thanks for your help to us all...
- AC
Hi! Just wanted to let you know I had a lot of fun last night. I wasn't sure what to expect but it was certainly a lot more fun than I had expected. I was very impressed with the calibre of people, both men and women, who were at the event. Thanks again for a great evening! Have a wonderful weekend.
- BW
Christine & Dana, I wanted thank you for letting me know my matches so promptly, but more importantly I wanted tell you what a great time I had last night. It was my first experience with six minutes dates and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. The ladies I met were all very nice and approached the evening with a very positive and open attitude and although I didn't match with them all I was very appreciative of their good nature. I already decided last night that whether or not I had any matches I was going to do this again. This is so much better than the internet dating because you have the opportunity of meeting people right away and eliminating the time, money and effort that goes into internet chatting, phone conversation and finally meeting. Your good nature and humor was much appreciated last night as well, I will be following up with my matches and I look forward to seeing you again. Kindest Regards,
- RW
Hello you guys - Thank you sooo much for the evening. It was exactly what I needed to get back into the dating scene in Calgary. Whatever happens - friends or a great date, I'm excited. I'd be willing to try it again I think in a couple of months. I've been telling all my friends about it as well.
- RP
Thank you for thinking of me, however, I am going to ask that you please remove my name from your list. Since my first experience with your company on June 3 of this year I have been dating a great guy! Our relationship is definitely growing into something extraordinary and I'm extremely happy that I was fortunate to meet him. Your service is a fabulous way to meet people in a safe, "no games" environment. I hope your business continues to thrive. Thanks for everything!
- KT
Hi, I've been seeing one of the ladies from the first event I went to, and I'm happy with the way our relationship is going. Thanks for everything!
- DR
Thanks for the offer of another speed dating event, but I actually met someone at the first speed dating event I attended with you, and we're dating now! I've been meaning to let you know. He was the first guy I sat down with, too. I was delighted and surprised! Synchronicity was obviously at work. So add us to your success statistics!
- GD
Hi there, Yes, a year and a half later, M. and I and the three dogs are still together!
- LR
Dear Christine & Dana I just wanted you to know that I have started an awesome relationship with someone I met at your golf tournament. This is proof you can be successful! I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate the service you provided, but also your genuine kindness and consideration. Thank you so much for everything you have done for me. Kindest Regards
- WA
Six Minute Dates is an excellent way to accomplish that first step in meeting other single people. I know of no other way to get out into the dating scene and really meet groups of other interested single people. That first, fun, face to face meeting is just enough time to answer that question? Do I want to see this person again or not? I met new people at every event I attended and for every hilarious or disastorous potential match I made that didn?t work out, at least I had found a way to be in the dating game. And it works! I met someone I could not have run into anywhere else? our work and social lives would never have put us together - and have only Six Minute Dates to thank for the introduction (and the friend who pressured him into attending that night). I have good news for single people out there: be open to meeting new people, be yourself and don't stop looking (dating is fun too!). Sincerely,
- Shannon S.
Hi Dana, hope everything is going well. my relationship with Sara who I met at a Six Minute date 5 months ago is going great! Thanks. You can remove me from your list now as I won't be needing to attend now. : ) All the best,
- AW
Thanks for the experience. I found your services very professional and would recommend them to friends. Best Regards
- MG
Dear Christine & Dana: Thank you very much for the updates on future events but I am withdrawing my name from your invitation list. It is for a very good reason though - it turns out that I was fortunate to meet someone very special at the first Six Minute Date event I attended (August 27, 2003). We have been together ever since and are now planning to get married at the end of this year. I also know of 2 other couples who have become engaged after meeting at your events. I have been so happy with how my experience with Six Minute Dates worked out that I have been recommending your events to many other singles I know. Thanks again!
- JF
Dear Christine & Dana, Thanks for the invitation but I am no longer eligible as I have found the girl of my dreams at one of your joint functions last November with Social Opportunities & Six Minutes. Thanks for making it happen for me. We're very happy to have met and very much together.
- AM
A girlfriend of mine will marry her partner that she met via your service!
- DG
Just so you ladies know, a year ago I attended a six minute dating session and met the man of my dreams. We are engaged now and plan to be married soon. Thank you so much. ps He was the first man on my table too
- AS
An Evening at Six Minute Dates ' A Woman's Perspective': A poster titled ?SIX Minute Dates Inc.? caught my attention. For $45.00 you meet single men and chat with each one for six minutes. Being single for over seven years, I decided to give it a try. The location of the event was at a restaurant. I arrived at the door feeling shy and uncomfortable. ?Am I one of those desperate people,? I thought. ?I have to pay to meet men.? As I entered the restaurant I cringed inside. A friendly woman greeted me. She looked calm and happy, at ease in her role of organizing the evening. I didn?t want to tell her how out of place I felt. Instead I wrote her a cheque. She directed me to the left of the restaurant where women were milling about visiting with each other. The first two women I spoke to were laughing because they had considered taking on secret identities. In the end they decided to be themselves. I didn?t feel so out of place as I sensed others might be feeling shy and nervous too. Our hostess started the evening by explaining that the women would be seated at the tables and the men would circulate. A bell would signal that there were thirty seconds left in the six minute segments. A cheat sheet was available for us to take home where we could note characteristics of each person. We were to check off a yes or a no on another sheet to be returned to our hostess. Later on she would do the matching. The first man sat at my table. He was attractive and liked his sales job. No children he said. Did he want children of his own I asked? Oh yes he replied. I knew right then that I would not date him. I have a child and I am definitely finished with childbearing. Soon the bell sounded and we finished up. I made some notes. The next man approached. He appeared to be tall although it was difficult to tell exactly from my sitting position. Slim and blond, he had fine features and sky blue eyes. Raising his two teenagers for half of the month kept him busy, he said. Relief washed over me. If there was one thing I learned in dating it was that people with children understood parenthood. He was a possibility. The man enjoyed hiking and camping. Okay I would rather stay at a hotel but what the heck, as the bell sounded I checked off yes and jotted down more notes. An unforgettable man came next. At 6?7?, he had a full beard and gentle eyes. His female Rotweiler was his best friend. I was touched by his love for an animal. The bell rang and I put a yes by his name. Our hostess announced a five-minute break. I stood to stretch my legs. It was then that I noticed this other man. I could only see his profile but there was something about him. Intrigued I sat back at my table and waited for him to come and sit. Taking a seat, he introduced himself. I definitely felt attracted to him. He was flashy and confident. He asked me some questions. ?Kids?? ?Yes one,? I said. ?And you?? ?Yes two girls in their teens.? ?I?m also friends with my ex,? he added looking at me cautiously. ?So am I,? I uttered. We both stared at each other for a moment. The topic of career came next and then he said, ?How?s your French?? Turns out we both studied in Quebec and speak fluent French. ?Well this is something,? he said softly. ?Where do you live ? Okotoks?? he asked thinking that perhaps this was too good to be true and I lived far away. ?No,? I smiled, ?I live near downtown.? ?Wow, five minutes away,? he replied. The bell rang. He said it was great meeting me. Looking at my sheet, I reassessed my tally. I scribbled out all of the yes marks and put in nos. The men I had met were attractive in each their own way, but I knew that this guy was the one I had feelings for. As I walked to my car, I reflected on the evening. My impression was that first-timers such as myself, felt uncomfortable initially. Perhaps this was because we were using this arranged system to meet a potential partner, thereby unconsciously admitting that we had not been able to find a partner on our own. I sensed that people who went more than once were at ease with their situation. Suffice it to say that six minute dating was an effective way to meet nice people. The potential was there to go on several dates and I could have acquired many new friends if I had wanted. Best of all I met a man who I really liked. I felt content as I got into my car, glad that I had attended the evening?s event.
- Sandy
An Evening at Six Minute Dates 'A Guy's perspective': Let me start by saying that I obviously know the primary reason why men don't usually try such services: pride.Many guys probably figure that such services are only for "losers" or "desparate" men who "can't get any" on their own.Until last night, I'd never used an introduction/matching/dating service in my life. Why? Well, for me, it actually had nothing to do with pride. I'm an absolute flirt when I'm single. I most definitely don't need any assistance meeting or dating women. In fact, I usually juggle far too many women at once for my own good. Statement of fact here, not trying to brag. Yet I still joined up and had the time of my life last night. Why? I figured there just had to be a better way to date. Dating the old-fashioned way is just a lot of work. Actually, it can be downright exhausting, time-consuming and expensive. I also found that I tended to meet only a certain type of woman: 19-24 year-old "hotties" who worked in reception, retail or hospitality. Incredible eye-candy, no doubt. But I don't have much of a sweet tooth. I don't know about other guys out there, but I'm personally not just looking for "quickies" and "eye-candy." I want a real relationship with someone who wants the same. I'm hoping to find a woman who is more established, with a bit of personal growth under her belt. So that's why I turned to this service. To work smarter, not harder, at finding the "right" person.Well, I wasn't disappointed in the slightest. And I haven't even gone on any dates with my matches yet! Guys, I have to tell you, the event was filled with wonderful, beautiful, fun, and SINGLE women. I couldn't believe how almost every one of the women there met the criteria I've been looking for. The entire evening was easy, fun, and very relaxed. If you're wondering, there's absolutely none of the classic dating pressures most guys face. No awkward ice-breaking, no fear of rejection. No pressure to keep up a conversation for an entire evening -- if things aren't working out, don't worry, it'll be over in a few minutes! No fear of anyone's feelings being hurt. You don't even have to try and figure out if they're single! For a guy like me, I couldn't design a better evening for myself. A dozen wonderful single women expecting and waiting for me to chat and flirt?!? Unbelievable. I've already suggested to all my single friends (male and female) for them to try it. Even if nothing ever happens or develops, you get to meet a bunch of very cool people. A big thank-you to Christine and Dana for a great event. Thanks for making dating smarter, not harder.
- Troy
My boyfriend and I met at a Six Minute Dates event in September 2002. We were both open to meeting new people, but neither of us were really thinking about anything more because we both had our own ideas about traveling. Fortunately, our mutual interest in travel came up during our six minute conversation. We shared the same sense of excitement about past and future adventures, which prompted us to select each other on our match cards. To make a long story short, we began dating shortly after we found out that we had "matched" and we started making plans at Christmas to go traveling together. We leave in May 2003 for a one-year adventure to the U.K., New Zealand, Australia and South East Asia. I can't imagine setting off on this great adventure with anyone else and every day I feel very lucky that we met!
- anonymous
I definitely had a great time! Thanks for organizing this event. I was very impressed at the quality of the people that I met. I wish there were more time to talk to the girls. They all seemed like very impressive individuals. Thanks for the matches, I look forward to getting to know all of them more and see what form the friendship might take.
- anonymous
Thanks for putting on such a great event. I admit, I was quite apprehensive about the whole thing. I ended up having a blast, and would totally do it again. The guys were great, the place was great, and the time flew by so fast I was surprised when it ended.
- Lisa
Thanks so much for a well facilitated and interesting evening. I did not have a clue what to expect when I went over (and must admit that I was a little apprehensive) but the environment and organization was superb. It put me very much at ease and allowed me to enjoy the opportunity to meet some very nice people. Thanks so much!
- anonymous
At first I was apprehensive and honestly almost backed out. (I thought how vulnerable; to expose yourself, try your best to sell yourself within six minutes and then get judged on it.) Well I am so glad I went. I haven't had that much fun in a while! Talk about exciting. All twenty members; both men and women were well dressed, intelligent, interesting, attractive and of a professional background. The first few minutes started off quiet, everyone a bit nervous and then before you know it the coffee shop turned into a party like atmosphere. Men scurrying from table to table at the sound of bell chimes, everyone jotting down notes and carrying on and laughing while drinking their cappuccino's or smoothies. It was a blast! Even if there was no chemistry between you and another member everyone was so interesting to meet."
- Shauna O.
"Hello Dana and Christine. I just wanted to pass on my compliments on yesterday's function. You created a pleasant and enjoyable situation for a number of individuals, a reflection of your abilities to translate a concept to true action effectively through successful organization and planning on your part!"
- Richard Y.
Hi Dana and Christine, Just wanted to say that it was a very enjoyable evening (the conversations were quite fun) and the quality of people was fantastic. All of the women were very interesting and all very attractive - I would have guessed they were pre-screened somehow. What a great way to meet so many people - very good value for the $45. I would gladly try it again, however I am going to focus first on seeing where things go with the 3 that I was really hoping would match.
- anonymous
"I wanted to thank you for an evening well spent. You both put on a great event and I wouldn't hesitate to tell anyone about your service. Thanks again to both of you and I might just see you again!"
- anonymous
"So here we were...single, not sure how to meet people anymore, not sure what we even wanted. Decided with some friends to try Six Minute Dates for fun. Completely apprehensive about the event - had no expectations. The atmosphere was wonderful, and everyone was professional and interesting to talk to. Had a GREAT time. Six Minutes with someone interesting goes SO fast. We found each other attractive and interesting, so we put each other down on our lists as we were interested in knowing more about each other. Found out the next day we had a match. We started emailing each other and finally decided to meet. Our first date was 9 hours long. We have been together almost a year now, just bought a house and a car together. We are so glad we went to Six Minute Dates, we may not have met otherwise. The experience was great, and you just never know what or who you are going to find there! It was well worth it."
- Suzanne and Chris
"One "Six Minute Date" that has turned out particularly well involves Elizabeth and Ian. At the end of the six minutes, neither was instantly certain that a match had occurred but both were drawn to each other enough to check the "Yes" box. It's fortunate that they both did. After several subsequent dates, Elizabeth & Ian are now reveling in their new-found romance. All they needed was the chance to meet and the "Six Minute Date" turned out to be the chance well worth taking." "Thanks so much for a very well facilitated and interesting evening. I did not have a clue what to expect when I went over (and must admit that I was a little apprehensive) but the environment and organization was superb. It put me very much at ease and allowed me to enjoy the opportunity to meet some very nice people. Thanks so much!"
- Kevin
"Let me just say that your event was awesome!!!!!!!!! The service that you offer is quite unique and very comfortable right from the start. I had a wonderful time and some great conversations. I will be recommending you to all my friends. Being new to Calgary it was a great way to get out and meet new people; I think that I would like to come again, so if you could fit me in to the next 25-35, I would love to attend."
- anonymous
"I met my current girlfriend at the February 12th Six Minute Dates event. The event itself was very well organized and professionally executed. The event also had a relaxed yet fun atmosphere which made it easy to strike up engaging conversations with each participant. I was excited to meet my date because we shared common interests and she was attractive as well! I was even more delighted when I found out the next day that we had a match. We have been together since February and have done many exciting things including trips, outings to the mountains, movies, dinners, and dances. My friends and family think it is great how we met and we would have probably never run in to each other had it not been for Six Minute Dates. Thus my girlfriend and I feel very lucky that we happen to go to Six Minute Dates on the same evening and encourage single people to give it a try - it worked for us!"
- Calgary-based Consultant
"The qualities of all 10 women I met at the event were simply outstanding."
- Paul V.
"Thanks, I had a lot of fun last night. It was a blast. I was impressed with the guys that were there. I really like the atmosphere as it was casual, yet classy. I would definitely recommend this to my friends."
- anonymous
"Thanks again for the service, it went way beyond my expectations!"
- anonymous
"Outstanding-well organized and coordinated. It's a great way to meet a bunch of nice people."
- anonymous
"Wow, I had such a great experience. Thanks for a great night out. Glad to hear about my matches too!!! "
- anonymous

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