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How Speed Dating Works

A Six Minute Dates Speed Dating event is opportunity for you to meet an average of 8-10 singles around your age in a comfortable, face-to-face environment. You make your choices on a discreet match card and you find out the next day who also picked you! Easy and fun! People love our events because they are focused on chemistry. We all know what we want, we would just like the opportunity to find it. Our most consistent feedback is, “That was so much fun!!”

Our evenings are very well structured, and we are there to make you feel as comfortable as possible. You'll be surprised at how quickly you break out of your shell and just begin having fun! Just remember, you are surrounded by other people who are there to meet others through speed dating and, who are feeling just like you! 

A typical evening at Six Minutes Dates goes like this: Your event host will welcome you near the front door with a big smile and calming nature. You will be given a package that will include your nametag (first name and your table number), a voucher for a bevergae of your choice, your match card and pen. You will then have the option to get your drink and mingle, if you like, for the few minutes before the evening commences (always right on time).

Once everyone is seated at their designated table, the event hosts will briefly go over a few quick guidelines, giving you the chance to ask questions before we begin promptly on time. 

Let the dating begins! 

At each 6-minute increment, a bell will ring as a signal for the coversations to wrap up and for men to move to the next table-for-two. Before beginning your next “date” we give you the opportunity to fill in a very, very discreet Yes/No on your match card as to your interest in the person you just met. This way you do so while the interaction is still fresh in your mind, rather than trying to remember everyone at the end of the event. We encourage this method because with so many great choices in the room, it's important to ensure the person you wish to meet is correctly identified. 

When all of the women and men have met, the event is over. Never more than an hour and a half. There are no computers making match decisions for you, only you, your intuition and the butterflies in your stomach! Simply take your match card home, login in to our system and enter your choices. You're done! That simple! Only those who expressed interest in you will be considered a match provided you indicated an interest in them as well. Once all the attendees have entered their choices into the system (no more than 48 hours), you will be notified of any matches and the contact information of the 'other' person will be provided to both parties. There are no uncomfortable moments to worry about, and no wasted time, just pure FUN!!! You'll only experience it if you try it! Don't be shy, thousands have done it before you and had great success...

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions that might help you:

Is this for real?
A: Yes!  I started this company because I found that single professionals in Calgary want to meet exactly that...other single professionals in Calgary.  We specialize in holding great events, at great venues, with the most entertaining hosts.  It's always a great time where you meet other singles who often become acquaintances, friends, and sometimes a little more. 

Whats exactly does speed dating entail?
A. Our speed date events are geared toward allowing all of our guests the chance to interact with one another.  For a typical speed date event, we usually hold a mixer before the event where we host a game and give out some free drinks to our guests. The speed date event itself gives each person a six minute, one-on-one date with every other single.  This is facilitated by our host and is made comfortable, easy, and fun.  Following our event, we hold a closing mixer where you can meet up with your other friends or get to know your matches better.  Remember, you're contact information will NOT be given to any other guest unless you choose them as a "match" online, after the event.

What if I find someone I like and want to give them my contact information that night?
A. Six Minute Dates highly encourages that you wait until after the event to go back to your computer and choose your matches.  This does two things:   1.  It allows you to maintain your confidentiality until you have had a chance to make up your mind.  2.  It takes away from any rejections, un-easy feelings, and allows the whole event to just be a way to meet.  Besides we set the event up this way because it's what most people prefer:  a fun, confidential way to meet other singles.

The registration form asks for personal information, such as address and phone number. In the event of a match after the event, is all of this information given to the other person? If not, what information is given to the other person?
A: When the participant enters match requests, only the participants first name and email address are supplied to other matches. The information you provide through initially registering for the event is for our information and is kept strictly confidential.

All the events I want to attend have a waitlist. When can I attend?
A: Sorry! Our events are always filling up fast.  We recommend registering as far ahead as possible and registering for as many events that work for your busy schedule even if you are waitlisted for all. Our event hosts will contact you the moment a spot opens.  Make sure to leave your phone number or active e-mail address for us to contact you when an event does open up.  

Are there any speed dating success stories?
A: Yes!! Visit our Success Stories & Testimonials.  We even had a couple who became engaged at one of our events.  We welcome your sucess stories as well.  

Can I attend an event if I am not in the age category?
A: Our guests can be within 3 years of the range. For example, if you would like to attend our 30-40 group, you must be between 27-43. We are always posting new age categories in different areas so check back if you don't see your age category currently listed. We are always interested in hosting an event that you 

Can I just show up at the event?
A: Sorry, but no. All events are pre-registered so we can make efforts to have an even amount of men and women. Register now!

Can I pay when I get to the event?
A: To participate in an event, advanced registration and payment is required.

Can I watch an event before I try it?
A: Sorry, no. Our events are closed to the public to allow for a more private setting for our guests. We guarantee you'll have a lot of fun so we suggest you jump in and sign up!

Do I have to use a credit card? Can I send a check, money order or pay cash at the door?
A: To register for an event, it is required that you use a credit card. Our system is set up to accept credit cards only. We use a very secure system which encrypts your information, so it is safe to use. It is actually safer than giving your credit card to a waiter at a restaurant. If you do not have a credit card of your own, perhaps you can pay cash to a friend and they can let you use their credit card.

Do you have any tips for success at your events?
A: We suggest that you pretend you are simply going to a party where you'll have a variety of different conversations. Relax, smile, and focus on having fun and keeping it light. Be yourself. Remember that everyone is there for the same reason. This is a great opportunity to meet others that you know for a fact are single and looking! Keep the conversation light because you will be picking up on chemistry, regardless of the topic. We find that people often talk about what they think about speed-dating and what they do in their spare time. You can learn a lot about a person in six minutes, but it's important to approach your dates with the right attitude. Don't expect to find love at first sight. Instead, look for someone who you'd like to simply have another conversation with. Keep in mind that it takes a few dates to really connect with someone, so if you meet someone who has potential, give them a chance! There are questions on your match sheet that we provide to mix things up if you like.

Do you have events for ages 45+?
A: Yes we do! We have large-scale parties at various times in the year. There is food, dancing and lots of fun. Check back if you don't see a 45+ party currently listed. 

How do I sign up for an event?
A: Find an event through our Upcoming Events and click on an event to view the details. The details page will have a 'Register For this Event' button. This will guide you through signing up for an event.

How do you define single? Professional??
A: We use the term professional in a more modern sense so not just Doctors and Lawyers. Today's professionals are in a wide variety of fields, are goal oriented and looking for others who are the same.

How many singles will I meet at one event?
A: We work very hard to have between 8 to 10 women, and 8 to 10 men at each event. There will be an even number of men and women.  Please contact us for more details.  

I cannot attend an event I'm registered for. Can I get a refund?
A: Please refer to our cancellation policy

I cannot attend an event I'm registered for. How can I reschedule?
A: Please refer to our rescheduling policy.

I don't feel comfortable giving my credit card # over the internet, is there another way to pay?
A: Sure! Give us a call and we can sign you up over the phone.

I don't have an email address. Can I still attend an event?
A: Due to the nature of our matching system, all guests must have an email address. But don't worry, they are very easy to get. Go to a friend's house, your local library or an internet cafe and sign up for a free email account through Hotmail or Yahoo. It's worth it!

I forgot my discount code online when I made a reservation. Can you give me a credit?
A: Unfortunately once the reservation has been accepted online, we can no longer apply a discount. Save it for next time!

I forgot my username and password.
A: No problem. Just click here, enter your email address and we will email you your username and password now.

What number am I (or how far down am I) on the waiting list?
A: Our waitlist is constantly changing. People can move up by recruiting a member of the opposite gender, so even if you are next on the waiting list it's possible that others could move ahead of you if they sign up as a pair. Because of its changing nature we do not provide customers with their current number on the waiting list.

What should I wear to a speed dating event?
A: You want to dress to impress, but nothing too formal. We suggest business casual. Wear something that you feel makes you a more confident person, overall.  Remember...this is your first date!

When do you post new events on your website?
A: New events are posted regularly. Check back to our website often as new events may be added or spots may open up in previously sold out events.

Will I meet attractive Men/Women?
A: We have a reputation for attracting professional,  great looking and interesting people who are comfortable enough meeting others in a face-to-face environment and are sick of the bar scene and online dating.  The consistent feedback we receive is, "Wow, that was so much fun!"

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